Texan Yankee = Thank You

Posted by Ryan Cannavo on

Welcome to Texan Yankee! 

My name is Ryan, I am a simple man, husband, and father who just wants to leave a better legacy for his family. I am also a freedom loving Patriot with Yankee roots living the Texan way. I see it as a bit of unity and balance that we are missing as of late. The Texan Yankee motto is "Do Better. Be Better." These are the words I strive to live by every day.  I have been blessed to live in the best country in the free world and been afforded many opportunities.  Texan Yankee = TY = Thank You. Thank you first and foremost to all the military and first responders who keep us safe.  Thank you to our friends and families who lift us up in times of need. Thank you to you for visiting Texanyankee.com, helping my dream become a reality.